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It Ain’t Easy

Peace Fam,

“It Ain’t Easy” is the 4th single off my first EP entitled “Do Yo’ Thang.” Easy scratches the surface on the challenges of being in the rap game and being female  to boot. If you don’t know what I’m talking about refer to my previous blog post #RapGirlProblems posted on 10/5/2015. Girls always have to worry about extra sh** including fake friends, vultures, exploitation, etc., which is why sometimes it’s hard to remain a sweet feminine Goddess. Thus the reason for the tag line, “It Ain’t Easy being a sweetie.” Even if you’re not female but you’re sick of going through dumb sh____ in every day life, this track is for you.

You can listen to “It Ain’t Easy” and purchase here.


Can I Roll?

I swear the name of this track was supposed to be “Let’s Roll”, but somewhere between me and the producer it got renamed. At any rate, the 3rd track off my first EP Do Yo’ Thang, “Can I Roll?” is a party jam sure to get your head bobbin’ and hips moving. I talk a little trash in this one, but this was where my head was at when I wrote it.  I think a good emcee/rap artist should have layers. You might have a message, but let the audience know you can still party too. Humans are not one dimensional and especially not female rappers. Download “Can I Roll” today and get your party on with this track.

Until the next time…


You can download “Can I Roll?” at all major online retailers.


Do Yo’ Thang

“Do Yo’ Thang” is both the title of the EP and the name of the single off my very first solo project. “Do Yo’ Thang,” will always have a special place in my heart because for the first time in my career I met a producer that had beats that perfectly fit my personality. The concept of “Do Yo’ Thang” was  simple, “F** the haters and naysayers and keep doing you”..  That was my head space back in the day and for the most part that’s what keeps me going today. I remember when I first heard the track in the studio. It was different from the production I heard on the radio at the time. Not too fast or slow and not too much music. It had a bit of an electro vibe, which I liked since I was cool with some of the Techno greats in Detroit (shout out to Juan Atkins and Eddie Fowlkes) and gave me the privilege of honing my skills over their masterpieces.  The “Do Yo’ Thang” beat was the perfect marriage of Hip Hop and electro and allowed me to express myself in a way I hadn’t before. It was the perfect track. I got in that booth and brought that fiya. Many of my fans and friends still say that’s their favorite song… Raw, edgy, but still classy- Do Yo’ Thang, gives you all that plus a hook.  Take a listen here.  I’m sure it will become one of your favorites as well.

Special shout to Devon Fields and Vic the “Tracksmith” Bullard as well as the many people that came into my life at the time to make the project happen.

Until the next time…

See You at the Top,


PHAYME - Do Yo Thang


The Back Door…

And no, not that  back door. “Back Door,” is the title to the 2nd single off the Do Yo Thang’ EP and a metaphor {or double entendre depending on who you ask} for finding another way into the music game.  If you love laid back beats, thumpin’ bass and hooks that keep your head bobbin’, this is your new favorite track.  Everyone always asks famous rappers how to get on. The best response I heard from an artist with mainstream success is when Angie Martinez interviewed Jay Z in 2013. I don’t want to misquote, but he basically said that everyone’s path to success was different. Rapper A might have got on doing this, but Rapper B might be discovered doing C.  This is one of my beliefs in life whether it comes to music or anything else. There’s always more than one way to reach your goal and make your mark. It’s up to you to figure out which path you’ll take to do it. In short, when someone shuts you out of the usual entrance into your goal, don’t be surprised if you find another way in. The Back Door is that way. You can listen and download your inspiration here.

~Production by Tracksmith

See You At the Top,


PHAYME - Do Yo Thang