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My Influences

I’ll try to keep this post short, but I can’t promise it won’t be all over the place. I’ve been blessed to live long enough to witness the rise of Hip Hop culture and the pinnacle of rap music. Growing up in a small New Jersey town as you would expect, most of my early influences came out of New York. Although New York was less than an hour from where I lived, it seemed like a universe away at times. I knew it wasn’t far though because I could catch the signal from the radio stations in my small apartment shared with my mom. I lived for the Friday and Saturday night radio mix shows where I could hear all my favorite rap artists and be introduced to new ones. One day I decided to write my own rhyme and the rest was history. At first  I patterned myself after artists I heard on the radio. The guys dominated the rap music scene back then, but what stood out to me were the female emcees. Maybe it was because I saw back then that Hip Hop was special and unique and a female rapper was even moreso. Female rappers with attitude were the best. Shante (AKA Roxanne Shante), was the first female I can remember handling the mic and giving it to the fellas. She did her thing on Roxanne’s Revenge, and I looked forward to hearing whatever she put out. Of course Latifah, Monie Love, Sweet Tee, Salt N Pepa, Finesse and Synquis and any other female rap stars that came from NYC were my muses. Once rap expanded to include the West Coast- YoYo, Patra (I know she’s Dancehall, but Romantic Call was a classic), and any of the artists playing on Hot Tracks, Video Jukebox, Rap City, Yo MTV Raps, and the other video shows gave me life. I could go on and on, but then this post wouldn’t be as short as I had hoped. Just know that my influences are many and I give respect to all those who did it before me.

Thinking of a master plan

Thinking of my influences

See Ya At the Top!


Nickel Bag…

No,  it’s not what you think. It’s actually one of the tracks off my online LP, “The Second Coming.”  I know many of us in life, including myself, talk about how we wish things could get better. We want to be upgraded and fast.. But how many of us actually take action? They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That sounds about right. That’s what Nickel Bag is about.. Ole rap heads are gonna appreciate the sample and others will enjoy listening to verses that kind of remind you of somebody you know. Let me know what you think..

Listen and Buy here.


Got Beats?

Peace Fam,

Don’t forget to click the ‘BEATS’ tab at the top of the page next to blog or CLICK HERE to listen to hot tracks hand picked by yours truly. Every emcee/rap star on the come up needs a new track. I got everything from East/West Coast, Trap, R&B, Dirty South, etc. These beats are not garbage and are pretty much tracks I would use myself. Best part about it is they are affordable. Don’t let your neighborhood beat maker gauge your pockets for $500+ for a beat he made in 30 seconds and gave to everybody on your block- when you can get a track that most likely no one in your hood will have. I’ve heard some say rappers come a dime a dozen, and that might be true, but now so do beats. Leave a comment below on the ones you like..

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