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My Style Is Like…

A while ago I wrote about my musical influences. I’ve been rapping for a minute and I’m sure I’ve picked up a few traits from artists I’ve heard over the years. To be honest, I try not to listen to the same artists over and over because I don’t want to pick up their delivery. I probably stopped listenting to rappers seriously after the mid to late 90’s (referred to by most as the glory days of Hip Hop). Once more of my music sells, I can quit my day job, record more often and hone in on my unique style. Some say I have a unique style already. Who do you think I sound like? Male or female I’m open to those comparisons.

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Can I Roll?

I swear the name of this track was supposed to be “Let’s Roll”, but somewhere between me and the producer it got renamed. At any rate, the 3rd track off my first EP Do Yo’ Thang, “Can I Roll?” is a party jam sure to get your head bobbin’ and hips moving. I talk a little trash in this one, but this was where my head was at when I wrote it.  I think a good emcee/rap artist should have layers. You might have a message, but let the audience know you can still party too. Humans are not one dimensional and especially not female rappers. Download “Can I Roll” today and get your party on with this track.

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Why You Should Buy My Music

This isn’t going to be a sales pitch, but if an artist can’t tell you why you should buy their work, then you might be a little suspect right? Most people listen to my music and immediately compare me to other female rappers in the industry past and present. That’s cool. I don’t mind comparisons, especially to those at the top of their game. That means I’m in good company. This is the one of the reasons you should support my music-QUALITY. My music has the sound of a major artist even though I’m an independent. You can trust when you download my music you won’t have to worry about the sound or the delivery being subpar. Lyrics, hooks, beats, and content is all there. If it doesn’t sound like a winner, then I don’t release it- period. I’ve been doing the rap thing for a minute and I am well-versed (no pun intended) at hooking up a song that sounds like one.  The next reason you should buy my music -CREATIVE FREEDOM. No one pays me (but you hopefully) to write about certain subjects or songs and no one pays someone to write them for me. This means I have the ability to write and rap about what I want to. My songs come from personal experiences, situations in general, and sometimes a splash of urban fiction. In short, I make my music for me and you. It’s like having your own personal emcee. Convinced yet? If so check me out here (Second Coming LP) or here (Do Yo’ Thang EP) and leave a comment on this post.




I See Hip Hop

The Notorious B.I.G.
Notorious RBG

Hip Hop is everywhere. It jumps out at you when you least suspect it. Recently, while waiting for a friend in a bookstore on my way the magazine section I passed a book titled, “Notorious RBG”. RGB are the initials of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  I immediately thought about the Notorious B.I.G.  (RIP) and the oh so popular photo of him wearing the crown. Is this a coincidence? Maybe. But since I don’t believe in coincidences I’m going to say not. To say Hip Hop influences mainstream is an understatement. Hip Hop is pretty much mainstream. Whether or not RGB’s marketing team set out to get the attention of Hip Hop heads like myself or simply trying something new I’ll never know. But I bet it’ll make a great conversation piece in the studio.

Build Wit’ You

Build Wit’ You,” from the LP ‘The Second Coming of Phayme,’ details a woman meeting the man of her dreams at a party and rattling off in her mind all the things she adores about his presence. Recorded at Montana Blak‘s studio right outside Philly and featuring  Tara Hendricks on vocals, Build Wit’ You, is my lyrical essay of what love at first site with a grown man looks like. Well-dressed, good cologne, and intelligent conversation is just an appetizer when it comes to a man getting my attention. Build Wit’ You lays it all on the line. Reminisce about what it was like when you met your significant other with this track produced by Young Raven and expressed by yours truly.


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