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Why You Should Buy My Music

This isn’t going to be a sales pitch, but if an artist can’t tell you why you should buy their work, then you might be a little suspect right? Most people listen to my music and immediately compare me to other female rappers in the industry past and present. That’s cool. I don’t mind comparisons, especially to those at the top of their game. That means I’m in good company. This is the one of the reasons you should support my music-QUALITY. My music has the sound of a major artist even though I’m an independent. You can trust when you download my music you won’t have to worry about the sound or the delivery being subpar. Lyrics, hooks, beats, and content is all there. If it doesn’t sound like a winner, then I don’t release it- period. I’ve been doing the rap thing for a minute and I am well-versed (no pun intended) at hooking up a song that sounds like one.  The next reason you should buy my music -CREATIVE FREEDOM. No one pays me (but you hopefully) to write about certain subjects or songs and no one pays someone to write them for me. This means I have the ability to write and rap about what I want to. My songs come from personal experiences, situations in general, and sometimes a splash of urban fiction. In short, I make my music for me and you. It’s like having your own personal emcee. Convinced yet? If so check me out here (Second Coming LP) or here (Do Yo’ Thang EP) and leave a comment on this post.




The Back Door…

And no, not that  back door. “Back Door,” is the title to the 2nd single off the Do Yo Thang’ EP and a metaphor {or double entendre depending on who you ask} for finding another way into the music game.  If you love laid back beats, thumpin’ bass and hooks that keep your head bobbin’, this is your new favorite track.  Everyone always asks famous rappers how to get on. The best response I heard from an artist with mainstream success is when Angie Martinez interviewed Jay Z in 2013. I don’t want to misquote, but he basically said that everyone’s path to success was different. Rapper A might have got on doing this, but Rapper B might be discovered doing C.  This is one of my beliefs in life whether it comes to music or anything else. There’s always more than one way to reach your goal and make your mark. It’s up to you to figure out which path you’ll take to do it. In short, when someone shuts you out of the usual entrance into your goal, don’t be surprised if you find another way in. The Back Door is that way. You can listen and download your inspiration here.

~Production by Tracksmith

See You At the Top,


PHAYME - Do Yo Thang