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“Jungle Jam”

I always loved movies and shows where someone (or a group) gets stranded on an uncharted island of natives. It usually leads to an adventure as you never know what’s going to happen next. I experienced something similar while on vacation in 2014. Although part of my vacation was spent in a Latin American city, a friend talked me into taking a trip to one of the islands off the coast of the country. When we arrived it was straight out of a movie- grass huts, natives, etc. and when the sun went down at night you could hear them doing their thing. Since it was a one night trip I was just trying to make it to daylight- feel me? Anyway, Jungle Jam was written ironically BEFORE that trip. Jungle sounds and wild beats are the backdrop over this tale of a lost emcee stranded on an uncharted island. In order to make it off the island alive I must rap for the tribal elders during a show. The problem is, every one that tried before me was wack and didn’t make it (you know what that means). Click here to find out what happens to PHAYME…


Jungle Jam is available on The Second Coming of PHAYME
Jungle Jam is available on the digital LP “The Second Coming of PHAYME”

“America the Messy”

For the record let me start by saying I love the country I was born in. I recognize that by living here I have certain privileges/freedoms that citizens in countries that are not as wealthy (or belligerent) may not have. With that being said, I am well aware of how the rest of the world perceives America and Americans whether good or bad. The Information Age is bringing news to the forefront of our minds almost instantly. The footage that broadcast television cannot show due to regulations and censorship is shown on social media and many times it’s not pretty. And as you can expect, some of my lyrics won’t be pretty either. That is all.


America the Messy