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Producer or Beat Maker, What’s the Difference?

You might be just starting your rap career and or maybe you know a homie or two that’s nice with the beats. It feels good when you meet a producer who gets your style and can make you shine on a track. But don’t be confused, there’s a big difference between a producer and someone who can just make beats. The tricky thing is, beat makers will often use the producer title because they don’t know the difference themselves, or simply to bait you into a work relationship. The more you start recording, the quicker you’ll learn the difference. I know I did.

Off the top, I can say a producer is a business person, but a beat maker is a little less serious. Many times a beat maker’s production is incomplete and they may have little or no plans to finish what they started. Keep that in mind when you get excited over the hundreds of beats he or she plays in the studio during your first meeting.

A producer sees a bigger vision for the song than you do. I have a strong personality for a woman, but not for a female rapper. I have bumped heads with plenty a beat maker who doesn’t know what they are doing in the studio. They just press the button run the beat and let you rap. They have no ideas on how to make the track come alive and do the bare minimum during a session. Producers usually have a hook in the mind already before you even start rapping, or shortly after you finish.

The worst thing I hate about a beat maker is that he or she will call you back to the studio to re-record something you spent all day recording. They’ll tell you something wasn’t right or they lost your sh**. This has happened to me only once or twice with a different person and unless it was an act of God, I usually stop working with them. I figure, if you’re not careful enough to capture what we did correctly during our first session, then you’re not ready and are most likely going to waste more of my time.

A Producer can usually play more than one instrument. He or she may have taught themselves to play an instrument. This is another way to add more flavor to your tracks. The beat maker only plays one instrument… The beat machine and maybe the sampler.

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Well that’s my explanation of a producer vs. a beat maker. Any other differences you want to add? If so, drop a comment below.